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What is the Digital Adoption Platform Architecture and Supporting Features

The benefits received by users regarding the Digital adoption platform are of course also supported by the Digital Adoption Platform Architecture which makes the platform quality and supports user needs.

So, what feature design should a DAP have in finding the right DAP? Here’s the explanation.

How is the Digital Adoption Platform Architecture?

As we know that the Digital Adoption Platform—DAP is a platform that provides software learning facilities that support increased digital adoption.

DAP is a solution to increase digital adoption which works by simplifying the user experience and providing education that makes users and employees proficient on the digital platforms they use, both websites and similar applications.

With the benefits achieved by businesses in digital, of course the architecture or design on the Digital Adoption Platform is one of the impetus.

The Digital Adoption Platform is designed with IA and contextual information, this makes DAP a very effective solution in dealing with the negative impacts of digital transformation or Adobe Digital.

With the support of AI and machine learning, DAP has succeeded in presenting various quality features and tools, such as analytics, insights, to guidance features.

With the support of contextual information, the guidance features contained in DAP can be adjusted in real time according to needs.

However, keep in mind that each Digital Adoption Platform provided by different parties has a different appearance. Of course this is done for business purposes or companies can choose the right DAP according to their needs.

Capabilities that Should be in a Digital Adoption Platform

So that you don’t choose the wrong DAP in finding the right DAP, there are at least a number of things that must be considered before installing or using DAP for business needs, which include the following:

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Analytical Ability

Each Digital Adoption Platform should have analytical capabilities, this is because it can be useful in tracking user behavior and achieving employee efficiency as the key to the success of your digital product transformation efforts. therefore make sure the selected DAP offers the best analytical capabilities.

High Level of Independence

A quality DAP also has a high level of independence. This allows you to rely less on vendors for support.

With a knowledge base and video tutorials that you can search through the application, you can handle even complex problems without having to rely on a professional service team to provide assistance.

Task Automation

The automation feature in DAP will provide convenience to users, where you can complete certain tasks automatically and eliminate empty clicks. Thus it can make business processes faster and user productivity increases.

Flexible Installation

If the target app is Saas, you should make sure the overlay is installed and has a simple end-user viewpoint. While if the target app is “on-premises”, you need to check the deployment options.

Code Free System

DAP with no code is a great solution that can simplify detailed use cases. Where the platform has to allow you to be able to handle complex situations without coding.

Multi-Language and Translation Support

Make sure the chest has Multi-language and translation options to enable you to provide guidance in multiple languages as required

Plugin Architecture Availability

Ensure the availability of the Plugin architecture, if you want to expand your digital adoption platform with dynamic content.

So that’s the Digital Adoption Platform architecture and features that must be considered before choosing the right DAP.

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