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How Often Do Adoptions Fail?

Carrying out digital transformation by companies is not as easy as turning a hand. In fact, many transformations have failed, one of the consequences is a failed digital adoption. This raises questions in the minds of digital figures, “how often do adoptions fail? And what’s the solution? “

In this article you can find the following with solutions.

How Often Do Adoptions Fail?

In fact, adopting digital is not as easy as imagined. In fact, this digital transformation often fails.

This was revealed by a study conducted by a group called the Boston Consulting Group, in their research study they found a finding stating that at least 70% of companies have failed in digital transformation. It is possible that every year this figure can change at any time.

Quoted in the, there is news that is even more surprising than these numbers where the companies that have failed are not only companies that are on average profitable or those that are in a difficult stage but also include market leaders and the best players in the digital business.

The reality is that many companies jump into digital transformation processing without proper planning. In fact, buying software is only the beginning, but also companies must ensure and assist employees in achieving successful digital use.

There are even those who state that as much as 84% of digital transformation failures are caused by failed technology adoption.

Then What’s the Best Solution for Digital Adoption?

Many digital transformation failures are caused by failed technology adoption, which is one of the concerns of companies and organizations.

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Every effort has been made to overcome this problem, so what is the best solution to overcome digital adoption?

Digital Adoption Platform—DAP is one of the right and best solutions to increase more effective digital adoption.

Where DAP is a digital adoption platform that was created specifically to provide software learning facilities without involving any obstacles.

DAP simplifies the user experience and provides education that makes them proficient on the digital platform in both website software and mobile applications.

With the features found in DAP, this digital tool (DAP) is a tool developed to ensure successful digital transformation and increase the ROI of software investment.

The presence of the Digital Adoption Platform aims to simplify digital change and minimize its negative effects (such as dissatisfaction, user fatigue and poor performance).

How to Find the Right DAP?

Considering that currently there are many DAPs offered by various vendors and companies, this creates anxiety in finding the right DAP for your needs.

Basically, DAP—Digital Adoption Platform you can adapt to any special needs that the company wants.

With the support of AI and machine learning, DAP provides a variety of tools and features such as guide features that are adjusted in real-time according to needs. This is because DAP is driven by contextual information.

The important thing in choosing the right DAP is realizing that employees and users have different needs, so adjust them according to existing needs.

Also choose a Digital Adoption Platform that is presented by well-known vendors or companies that are widely trusted. This is done to minimize problems using the platform.

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It should be remembered that the right DAP can be an effective solution. There is digital adoption—digital transformation, so there is no more how often do adoptions fail.