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Digital Adoption Platform Walkme: Key Features and Benefits


Of the many DAPs—Digital Adoption Programs that exist and are spread across the internet, one of them is Walkme. Walkme is a popular DAP and is widely used by leading companies. For those of you who don’t know about Walkme, see this article about discussing the Digital Adoption Platform Walkme further.

Overview of the Digital Adoption Platform Walkme

Walkme is one of the DAPs that provides total visibility into application usage and the user journey in increasing digital adoption while gaining data-driven opportunities.

Simply put, DAP Walkme enables companies or organizations to leverage data across business applications and workflows and take actions in an effort to increase user adoption by simplifying the user experience.

Interestingly, Walkme is a DAP that is compatible with various types of software, be it websites or any HTML-based application.

Considering that currently the world continues to deal with new digital technologies, Walkme is the right solution to stay at the top of this digital game, which can help to ensure your company’s workforce team is able to complete complex tasks.

Main Features of Walkme

The various advantages provided by Walkme are of course supported by the features provided in this DAP. The features possessed by Walkme include the following:


With the Insights feature, you can understand the user journey and identify issues using real-time analytics and accurate re-creation of user app sessions.

Not only that, Walkme can help make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and accelerate product adoption.


Guidance features—guidance helps users to excel on contextual step-by-step guidance within apps and across apps. Not only that, Guidance facilitates users to carry out complex tasks with Walkme content while minimizing the need for more advanced ones.

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The engagement feature is an accurate data analysis. Where it can help you move from reactive to proactive user engagement.


The automation feature allows you to complete repetitive tasks automatically. This of course can streamline the user’s time and can improve the experience of employees or customers.

DAP Center

Finally, there is the DAP Center feature, which is a central Walkme dashboard, a place that stores configuration control, setup, user access and role permissions to your Digital Adoption Platform.

By taking advantage of the existing features in Walkme, you can increase the adoption of the software quickly.

Walkme Benefits

Of the various features available on Walkme, there are a number of benefits that you can receive, including:

  •   Integrate WalkMe with existing tools.
  • Optimize the experience and provide instant guidance to workers and customers.
  • Obtain actual user data as a basis for your business digital adoption strategy.

With a variety of features and benefits available, Walkem has become a platform that is quite popular and is used by leading companies such as HP, Twilo, and Microsoft.


As the leading and best platform, Walkme is one DAP that you can rely on. Because, Walkme is a platform without code that will not create obstacles to basic software, even Walkme is an effective DAP to help users use the tools and software they should use.

The digital adoption platform Walkme can identify problem areas and gaps, making it superior in improving digital adoption strategies.