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4+ Digital Adoption Platform Vendor References

Getting DAP to increase employee productivity and efficiency regarding their duties as well as adoption of good digital products, is needed to know the ins and outs of the vendors. So below, we provide references to the best Digital Adoption Platform vendors that you can consider.

Get to know DAP

DAP—Digital Adoption Platform is a layered platform or software on top of applications (eg Mobile, CRM, HCM, ERP, and external). The presence of this application aims to provide learning-skills in using the application which is carried out by guiding the user from the tasks given such as simulation, analytics to encourage adoption.

Not only that, DAP will also provide context information when users navigate their products.

In short, DAP is a platform that facilitates seamless learning of software, these applications work by simplifying a consistent user experience and encouraging users to complete tasks efficiently.

Thus the adoption of digital products becomes easier and faster. If you need DAP, find out the best vendor first.

Digital Adoption Platform Vendors

Here are a number of popular and leading DAP vendors in the world:

The first Digital Adoption Platform vendor was (2013). Where provides a digital adoption solution platform that carries the concept of product engagement with the features it provides (in-app analytics, surveys and feedback to guides).

  Like applications in general, which have advantages and disadvantages, also offers both.

The advantage of digital adoption offered by Pendo is the ease of use and preparation. While the main drawback of DAP is that it is time consuming

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Walkme being one of the DAP vendors based in California. Walkme is an American multinational software services company.

The DAP offered by Walkme is quite a promising platform, it has even been recognized by the PEAK Everest Group Matrix assessment from vendo DAP as the leading DAP product.

Walkme uses artificial intelligence, analytics, guidance, engagement to automation that can be used.

Walkme has ease of use, step-by-step guides and customer support


The next company that provides a Digital Adoption Platform vendor is WhatFix which also provides a platform called WhatFix, which is a Saas base that provides in-app guidance and performance support for web applications and other software products or simply DAP.

The features available in Whatfix can be used to create interactive guides so that users can work efficiently and proficiently. One of Whatfix’s help in business is simplifying the use of the software.


Appcues is a widely used DAP—Digital Adoption Platform. The providers of these Appciues are Jonathan Kim and Jackson Noel (2013). The presence of Appcues has succeeded in becoming the leading DAP.

There are lots of features provided by App Cues, one of which is the level of flexibility and convenience in creating a personalized user experience with a product.

You can use Appcues to help with software adoption without requiring the support of any engineer. Using App Cues is quite easy to use so that it becomes a distinct advantage.

Of the three DAP platforms and software, you can choose one according to your own satisfaction and needs. Choosing the right DAP should be tailored to your own needs and interests.

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Thus a number of well-known and popular Digital Adopt Platform vendors that can be considered as well as possible.